Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feburary 2013

My birthday is in Feburary
This Feburary I went to London
In Feburary was a lot of baking
Feburary was a food month

I went for a short trip to London this month with my mum and sister. 

I was in London during my birthday so to celebrate that my mom let me choose a restaurant of my choice. My choice was Dinner by Heston Blumenthal.
But the deal was that we would go to a fancy restaurant for my birthday and then eat cheaper meals for the rest of the trip.

I decided to put a few food pictures from our trip :)

My first meal in London, fish and chips.

My both so beautiful, mum and sister

We went to a mexican place called Wahaca

Some of the food we ordered. We ordered this thing where you bought a few small dishes you could share. It was very nice!

Soon enough, it was my birthday so I finally got to eat at a place owned by Heston Blumentahl. We ordered the lunch set meal where you could choose between two dishes for each coarse.

For starter we all ordered the Dressed Snails

And of course you can't go to Dinner without trying the Meat Fruit!

It was so good! Honestly the best starter I have ever had

For main course we all chose the quail. It was my first time trying quail and I did very much enjoy it

For dessert I then got the Orange Loaf while my mum and sister got the Millionaire tart. I preferred mine but both were so good!! 

And a happy birthday!

The weekend we were in London was the same weekend as the Chinese New Year. With short amount of time we didn't want to wait for a table to get dim sum. I was quite sad that we didn't go for dim sum because I was so excited to get my favourite, char siu bao. Then during our last night we found a chinese place that had dim sum at night so I finally got my char siu bao :)

I don't really celebrate my birthday but I always invite my nearest family for dinner or tea. Being in London during my birthday, my mom then decided to have a little brunch or afternoon tea in honour of my birthday, without calling it a birhtday. It was a great success but the best thing for me was having an excuse to bake for two whole days! :)

These cupcakes I made with my beautiful little niece. She loves baking like I do and she decorated the cupcakes herself :)

Stefanía Chan

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