Sunday, April 7, 2013

Panic Station

Dress is from H&M
Tights are from H&M
Boots are from All Saints
Coat is from Oasis

My outfit today didn't exactly scream spring, now did it? Even though the weather was very nice in Reykjavík today it is somehow just always so chilly. I always try to wear dressier clothes on Sundays so I usually just pick a dress. On my trip to London last February I bought this dress from H&M. It was probably my favourite find in H&M that trip and yet I am now using it for the first time. I love bodycon dresses but I don't feel comfortable using them so I really like that one since it doesn't lay to tightly to your body. It is so comfortable to wear and I  love that it has quarter length sleeves so you can use it all year round. I feel as if I am quite a colourful person, at least look wise. Since I was wearing mostly black from the outside (except for my classic canvas Louis Vuitton)I put on a bright pink lipstick from Barry M., number 52.

I feel as if I have said in every of my blog posts that I go to my grandparents house on Sundays. But this Sunday was different as I didn't go visit them and went with my girlfriends for coffee. My life is so boring so not much else happened on this day but I did have a great time on that coffee trip. On the note that I left my friends I heard one of my favourite songs of 2012... Panic Station by Muse! That's a nice title for a blog post including a black and white dress isn't it? haha :)

Stefanía Chan
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Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday

Easter is coming to an end and it is time to start eating healthy. The past few days have almost been like a constant binge for me as I haven't stopped eating...  I just love Easter but my family and I don't follow any special tradition around Easter time except on Easter Sunday. I woke up, went Easter egg hunting, started baking, had a shower, went to my grandparents house for tea and then dinner at my house! Lovely 

This year I was greedy and I got two eggs. I just had to try both...

You can't argue that Iceland has the best Easter eggs! Filled with candy but the real catch is the proverb that is put in every Easter egg.. This was mine and it to translate it directly from Icelandic  it is "Make the riches your servant but not a master." ...haha??

Piece of art. The beautiful handmade Easter egg that my siblings and I gave my mother :)

I attempted to make cake pops for the first time. I had no idea how I could store them standing up right so I had to have them upside down. I was so clumsy with the coating and decorating but they tasted nice.

I also made a double batch of ham and cheese rolls and pizza rolls. I don't think there is a recipe that I have baked as often than that one and still, they are always the most popular!

My outfit made me happy. I got the top and skirt from Topshop, the blazer from H&M and the shoes are Foxys by Jeffrey Campbell.

Easter dinner! This years dinner was old fashioned and classic. Slow cooked lamb with all the great servings.

I hope you all had as great time at Easter as I did :)

Stefanía Chan
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